Dear Kala,

I bet you are having a great summer!  I thought about you today.  I could almost hear you asking, “So…Is there anything growing today?” As a matter of fact, There is so much growing today!

Mostly, I want to show you this! One of the cotton boll’s has opened! (If you click on the picture once or twice to get a close up view, you can see how fuzzy the cotton is.) It is so soft! I can’t wait until you can feel it for yourself!

It won’t produce much cotton even when these other bolls open but I bet we can think of something to do with a teeny tiny crop of homegrown cotton!

There are lots of flowers blooming in the yard. The mallows are looking beautiful. I have four different kinds of mallow plants. The Swamp Mallow flower is the biggest, the Rose Mallow flower is in between; and the Marsh Mallow with its soft as velvet leaves is the smallest.

Here is a rose mallow.

There are so many flowers around, I don’t think I can name them all! Let me think. There is lavendar and buckwheat and feverfew. There are flocks and Joepye and Russian sage.  The goldenrod and the asters are fall flowers and they are just starting to pop out. The cheery yellow flowers from the Jerusalem Artichoke are way over my head next to the sunflowers.  The groundnuts are flowering. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them! The zinnias are still showing off. Here is a cosmos flower in the zinnia patch.

Here is an aster and a marigold…full of life! Check out this moth with a close up view by clicking on the picture one or two times.

The Golden Marguerite have been blooming all summer and they look like they could bloom forever. I’ve been drying some of these flowers to see if I could use them for a dyeing project. Maybe we could dye our cotton yellow!

The vegetables are piling in! We have green beans and eggplant. There are peppers and okra. Tomatoes! There are carrots and all kinds of herbs. There are leeks and greens and a few summer squash. Most of our summer squash have been killed by the squash vine borer bugs. Yuk! But we get a few. We have new crops of cucumber and carrots coming along. A few winter squash look like they are almost ready for picking and I think I’ll check on the sweet potatoes soon! Here is a big winter squash…yum!

It looks like we’re going to get some apples this year. We have red ones and green ones growing on the same tree! I think they might be too big for the squirrels to steal now!

I have good news about the chickens.  Stella Looo and Red Hen are not broody anymore. They are back to their regular selves except that they won’t be laying for a little while longer. Stella Looo has her voice back and always runs up to greet me…well, I think she’s actually running to see if I have anything to eat. She has had quite an appetite! Stella Looo is molting so you will see in the picture that her neck feathers have fallen out. She looks a little ragged but the feathers will grow back. Chickens molt every year. Some hens do it after they have been broody, just like Stella Looo.

The bees have been busy making honey before the weather gets cold. They want to make sure they have food for winter. But they haven’t been the only busy ones. I planted out the roof garden over the chicken run this weekend. I’m starting to put on a layer of lava rock on top. They are lightweight and will help prevent the soil from washing away when it rains and may protect the soil from drying out when it doesn’t rain. Maybe I will finish that tomorrow.

Yesterday, I started a little plant nursery so I can grow new baby plants from cuttings I take from my established plants. I have lots of cuttings here: gooseberry, currant, elderberry, blueberry, roses, and many more. I’m trying a little bit of everything to see how successful I am in getting the cuttings to root well. In the spring, I will replant the rooted cuttings into good soil so that they can grow larger and then, finally, be transplanted into somebody’s wonderful garden!

I wish I could show and tell you everything but we’ll catch up when you visit next time. It’s hard to believe that it will be time for you to start school again soon! Well, I have to walk Indie and get ready for dinner. We’re having leftover quiche with eggs from our chickens and tomatoes and herbs from the garden. We bought the cheese from the store. I wonder what we would have to do to make cheese. That would be neat…maybe we can learn how and give it a try! Wow! This is fun!

Your friend and neighbor,


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2 Responses to Dear Kala,

  1. Meenal Raval says:

    I enjoyed this report about your summer, Michaelann! Looking forward seeing you soon.

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