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Renewable Energy: Learn about the Dragon!

Reducing waste, increasing diversity, and developing resilient, regenerative systems are goals we have for StellaLou Farm. With these goals in mind, educational opportunities tend to pop up on my radar. This one is, certainly, relevant: “The Whys and Wherefore of … Continue reading

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Our Pollinator Friendly Garden

This came in the mail yesterday: Our garden is certified! Here is the page from the Penn State Center for Pollinator Research regarding the program: This is an excerpt from that page: “Pollinators need our help.  Both native bees … Continue reading

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Eleven hills

I planted a three sisters garden the first year that I planted my front yard garden. It was enough of a success to make me want to do it again. I let two years go by until planting our next … Continue reading

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Update in photos

I’ve not had to do much with these wonderful gardens this year, thankfully. The rains and the sun and the insects and the fertile soil have been giving the plants what they need for the most part. I come and … Continue reading

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Successful Spring Split (and Easy Come, Easy Go)

We have one strong hive which overwintered in Elkins Park. We eyed its strength and hoped to make our first successful split this season. We wanted the strong hive to raise a new queen for us so that we could … Continue reading

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Perennial abundance

This spring, I am seeing the benefits and the beauty of establishing perennial food systems on a small scale in the inner suburbs of Philadelphia. This season, I’ve not been able to spend as much time in the gardens of … Continue reading

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Baskets of Blue

It felt pretty chilly out there to me this morning but the honeybees couldn’t resist the sunshine. Did you know that there is blue pollen out there for honeybees to collect? (Click on photos to access larger images.) Check out … Continue reading

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Website Debut

Good news! We, finally, have our StellaLou Farm website up. Please, visit us here or go to: Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Princess at Rest

I spent a glorious sunny weekend in Elkins Park with family and friends. I pruned the raspberries, cheered on the chickens, and applauded the activity of the honeybees as they collected pollen from the earliest blooming flowers. Besides that, we … Continue reading

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Roasted vegetables…again?

Excellent! I’ve invited a brilliant Chiogga to the party! Chiogga beets, sweet potato, onion, celeriac, and rosemary (roasting in the oven as I write.) I purchased my first Chiogga Beet from the Creekside Co-op in Elkins Park and have been … Continue reading

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