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Pennypack Farm and Garden Tour

I just want to remind you about the Pennypack Garden and Farm Tour on September 18th. (Click on link for more information.) Please, come out and support Pennypack Farm and Education Center, a fantastic organization. I’m sure you will have … Continue reading

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It is Stinkhorn

Mushrooms grow and are welcomed. Even this one. It is stinkhorn.

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There were some strong predictions with regard to storming Irene. We were lucky to not have much trouble here. The beehives were tightly secured and didn’t even wiggle. We just have some tidying to do. Hope you are well. Click … Continue reading

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We’ve been concerned about one of our two hives.                                                                         There are bees walking on the ground, looking disoriented and dying; especially, in the late afternoon. Sorry sight. … Continue reading

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I ate it

Ahh, Breakfast! Red malabar spinach, Besser tomatoes, Crimson bunching onion, frying pepper, and garlic all in the pan; all right from the garden. Threw in an egg from the farmers market. Over some plain old no-sweet oatmeal. Brilliant! Go! Grow … Continue reading

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Vegetation Combination

A few plant combinations stand out for me, aesthetically and functionally. This post is to make a record for myself to refer back to; otherwise, I will forget. It may be useful to you as well. Click on the photos … Continue reading

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Squash Squawk

Once you start thinking about the squash and looking about the squash, you find that squash is a tremendous topic. There are all the beautiful things: shape, color, taste, weight, and pattern; tendrils, leaves, flowers, and pollinators. The challenges! Battling … Continue reading

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