With all this going on…

…I’ll never get anything done! I started to weed the maple seedlings and the oxalis from the rain garden.  The plants (and the weeds) are growing very well. The Joepye and the turtlehead and the bluestem and the swamp mallow are flourishing. The milkweed is growing well, too, but only a few blooms this first year. The monarchs found it, however, with no problem! This became a major distraction for me…monarch caterpillars.

Please, click on image to view this creature as close up as you can!

Then, I came inside to get some chores done in the kitchen.  A glance outside the back window gave me further lovely distraction…an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in the zinnias!

…so, maybe this has distracted you just a little bit?

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2 Responses to With all this going on…

  1. Beautiful as always. Love your observations and great photo shots 🙂 and yes it does distracted me a little bit 🙂 Happy gardening!

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