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Successful Spring Split (and Easy Come, Easy Go)

We have one strong hive which overwintered in Elkins Park. We eyed its strength and hoped to make our first successful split this season. We wanted the strong hive to raise a new queen for us so that we could … Continue reading

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Baskets of Blue

It felt pretty chilly out there to me this morning but the honeybees couldn’t resist the sunshine. Did you know that there is blue pollen out there for honeybees to collect? (Click on photos to access larger images.) Check out … Continue reading

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Breakin’ the 50’s in mid-February

Yesterday, the temperature broke 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was shining. The vibrant conditions outside called me from the spackling job that I started inside.  Hellebore, Witch Hazel, Dandelion, Crocus, and Snowdrop blossoms have emerged. The pollinators were active in … Continue reading

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Meading Time

With twelve pounds of the most delicious honey from our bees and the help of J’s son, we dove into our first mead making project. We tasted home brewed mead a few years back and have been wanting for it … Continue reading

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Support our beekeepers! Visit SAVEOURGARDENS.ORG!

This is an important update to the proposed Plymouth Township beekeeping ordinance that I referred to here. Please, be aware that the dates for the Township meetings have changed.  At this point, the date of the Plymouth Planning Agency meeting … Continue reading

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Help Save Beekeeping in Plymouth Township!

I am, very heavily, using Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) website’s “Call to Action“ for the following information. Go to the above link for more details, for MCBA contacts, and for updates. Background: There is a proposed ordinance for Plymouth … Continue reading

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Bee…Maybe!

I often refer to “beneficial insects” and “pollinators” as if I knew what they were. I’ve been quite content to say, “Cool!” to all the buzzing and partying going on in the flowers as I,  confidently, drown or squish the … Continue reading

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Bees and Lace

I haven’t been seeing many honeybees on our flowers.  I think they have been spending most of their time up in the trees. However, this morning, they came down from the treetops for a good thing! The lacy phacelia (Phacelia … Continue reading

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Big Deal Honey

J and I had two hefty supers filled with honey when our hive swarmed. That swarm took a fair portion of those resources for starting their new home. We felt the sting of missed opportunity when that bountiful and early … Continue reading

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Getting a little s-warm out here…

Yesterday, I was outside moving plants to get ready for an upcoming permablitz which I’ll tell you about another time. J returned from lunch with a friend who wanted to meet our hens. In the midst of our introductions, J … Continue reading

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