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Nope! Not feelin’ the cold a bit!!

My daughter, Hannah, came for a quick visit this weekend, did her laundry, enjoyed a BEE-u-ti-ful farewell moment, and back to Baltimore she went! Awww…Hannie…! …and my Beekeeper….! Love you, Sweeties!

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The Tale of the Food Action Group

I want to send you to Meenal’s post on the Food Action Group website, though, I will reiterate a good piece of it here. Time has a way of creating history and the Food Action Group is growing a very … Continue reading

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The Black Swallow-Dill Caterpillar

Glad to share the dill patch with plenty of these painterly butterflies-to-be!

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in this handful of castings…worms, warren, and wall street

I have two active worm bins. Our waste goes to them worms. They eat and excrete and wiggle and mate and populate. When exposed to light, the worms dive down and I can remove the top layer of fertile castings … Continue reading

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Breakfast figs!

It feels really wonderful to pick figs and raspberries and alpine strawberries on a sunny breezy crispy fall morning!

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A lot of specific knowledge and expertise accompanies permaculture design…               swales, bunyips, vermiculture, etc, etc, etc.                                                                                    Forget it…for now.                                                                                                                         Here is what … Continue reading

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The first foot of soup…

…was delicious! I used our home grown leeks and butternut squash to go with the first cut of this Tahitian melon. I wanted to eat this one early as it was in the worst condition and, probably, wouldn’t store well. … Continue reading

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Sweet! Size 9W

These sweet potatoes were harvested from our Food Action Group’s LaMott community garden plot; the test plot for very, very low maintenance crops. Yup. Outright neglected.  This is the first time I’ve been involved in growing sweet potatoes. These are … Continue reading

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Permaculture Slide Show

I’m working on an “in the background” running slide presentation that gives a hint as to the nature of permaculture and edible landscaping. I’m hoping it will help to inspire others to make positive changes in their own landscapes. Let … Continue reading

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I was hoping to add a statement to my amaranth post that said, “Do the same with quinoa.” I tried just that bitter mess myself. I won’t recommend it to you! There, most certainly, is another way with quinoa.

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