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Successful Spring Split (and Easy Come, Easy Go)

We have one strong hive which overwintered in Elkins Park. We eyed its strength and hoped to make our first successful split this season. We wanted the strong hive to raise a new queen for us so that we could … Continue reading

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Help Save Beekeeping in Plymouth Township!

I am, very heavily, using Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) website’s “Call to Action“ for the following information. Go to the above link for more details, for MCBA contacts, and for updates. Background: There is a proposed ordinance for Plymouth … Continue reading

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Dancing with the bees

This is what we did on Saturday: …resulting in nearly 20 pounds of honey! We have three hives and it’s time for an update. The honey is from the hive that came from a package which we bought from Jim … Continue reading

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Big Deal Honey

J and I had two hefty supers filled with honey when our hive swarmed. That swarm took a fair portion of those resources for starting their new home. We felt the sting of missed opportunity when that bountiful and early … Continue reading

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Getting a little s-warm out here…

Yesterday, I was outside moving plants to get ready for an upcoming permablitz which I’ll tell you about another time. J returned from lunch with a friend who wanted to meet our hens. In the midst of our introductions, J … Continue reading

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December Bees

We couldn’t resist getting outside to work today and, clearly, neither could our bees! To update happenings in the hives: We are feeding the bees sugar water with a 2 (that is, two 5 lb. bags of sugar) to 1 … Continue reading

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We’ve been concerned about one of our two hives.                                                                         There are bees walking on the ground, looking disoriented and dying; especially, in the late afternoon. Sorry sight. … Continue reading

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Gentle Bees

Our bees hives are in the perennial flower bed and about eight feet from our house. We have them facing east to get the morning sun. They live by an often traveled path in our backyard. My dog, Indie, and … Continue reading

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