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Amaranth harvest

I hung the amaranth to dry for seed harvest in our front porch “barn” on our front yard “farm.” Lots of seed on these beauties! ADDENDUM: One of the attitudinal principles in permaculture is “Mistakes are tools for learning.”  Oh, … Continue reading

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Harvesting Amaranth Grain…Was it worth it?

Harvesting Amaranth grain for eating. The seed being so small, most people don’t want to spend the time to harvest it. I almost gave up before trying. However, I found that it isn’t so difficult on a home scale. I … Continue reading

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My daughter, Hannah, visited us from Baltimore and put her artistic skills right to use. She took several of the pictures that you see in this slideshow….the best ones, of course!  I’m drawn to these colorful, late June, early July … Continue reading

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