Breakin’ the 50’s in mid-February

Yesterday, the temperature broke 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was shining. The vibrant conditions outside called me from the spackling job that I started inside.  Hellebore, Witch Hazel, DandelionCrocus, and Snowdrop blossoms have emerged. The pollinators were active in our, young and packed full of blossoms, witch hazel. There were honey bees and flies and a honey bee mimic called Eristalis tenax (also, called drone fly). I discovered a helpful resource from the Xerces Society when trying to identify this significant pollinator. (Please, click on photo to access larger image. You may need to click twice.)


It was satisfying to see the honey bees carrying pollen back to the hive. We have one hive that continues to be very active. Unfortunately, we lost the other over the winter. Very happy to see this honey bee collecting food for the health of her hive.


The honey bees will, soon, be able to collect nectar from early tree blossoms such as maple so long as it is warm enough for them to fly. The Melissa Garden and Wikipedia provide a couple of helpful resources for understanding honey bee forage plants in North America.


First crocus seen in our front yard in Elkins Park!






pinkhelleborusLooks like a party!


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1 Response to Breakin’ the 50’s in mid-February

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi MIchaelann,
    There are so many things blooming or getting ready, too. The witch hazel at my house bloomed last fall, but its seed pods are just now starting to fill out. The crocus are blooming and the snow drops are about to pop. The birds have start to sing a lot more.
    Thanks for the website on Bees. I have book marked it. We are getting a nuc of bees in May.
    We got a scalded whole hog today and we are going to break it down tomorrow. John is very excited.
    We have been seeding chives, parsley, thyme and oregano this week on the farm. It has been pretty muddy with all the warm weather. Tonight, we are supposed to go back to more winter like temperatures.
    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting.

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