StellaLou Farm


I’ve not been very active on the blog of late and not just because it is winter, the time when things are drawn to dormancy. In fact, contrary to hibernating, J and I have set off some real sparks in the routine of our lives. We are working with the School of Living (SoL) to take on one of their Community Land Trust properties in Chester County, PA.  This is their webpage. They are an amazing group of people with a fantastic mission and we are very fortunate to be in association with them.

We are straddled between the two households as we get the Elkins Park house ready to sell this June.  Indie sticks with me and J tends the chickens. So far so good. Indie doesn’t complain.indiewoodstove

The plantings for Elkins Park Front Yard Farm need to be planned and started and there is considerable renovation to do here at StellaLou Farm. Yup! We are naming it after our most honorable hen. In short, this property is what they call a diamond in the rough. The  8.5+/- acres have been maintained organically for over 30 years. I have been walking this land several times a day (thanks to Indie dog) and we are getting to know each other little by little.

I am really grateful for the plantings of pine and oak, spruce and poplar, black walnut and bamboo…bamboo

…and the graceful silhouette of the eastern treeline on a snowy day.easterntrees

The enthusiastic hardy kiwi vine and the overgrown hazels are just a wild hint of the abundance this land is capable of

It is clear to me that I don’t understand, fully, this new landscape and it will take time to study it well.landscape

There is so much to describe but I’ll not get into details at this point. I plan to start a separate website for StellaLou and keep this blog’s focus on Elkins Park. I expect my posts will be short and sweet at this active time. Be well!

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2 Responses to StellaLou Farm

  1. mtairygal says:

    This is awesome! Mainly because you’re not leaving us for another state! I’d love to dream with you; could I thumb a ride next time you’re visiting StellaLou? possibly with my friend Robyn Mello?

  2. Abigail says:

    It looks beautiful, can’t wait until I can come check it out, hopefully that will be soon!!

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