Where is he going?

Hey, J! Where are you going on this beautiful sunny morning?

Mind if I tag along?

Whoa-ho! The new Creekside Food Co-op!

I’m with YOU! Lets go shopping!

Look! You can buy local. You can buy organic. You can buy delicious. You can buy beautiful! Let’s pick up some onions and celery. I’m going to get an early start on the soup stock.

Our community came together to make this co-op happen. It seems to me that this community is quite fortunate to include some very intelligent, motivated, and tenacious people. We signed up as full members of the Creekside Co-op at the first opportunity and have been waiting in great anticipation to be able to shop right in our neighborhood.

As we walked along the sidewalk to the co-op; we saw new bike racks that were fully decorated with Lisa’s “parking meter” cozies!  Wandering through the co-op; it seemed that everyone was smiling. The indoor cafe area was filled with light and with people enjoying the company of each other.  Looking out the windows, we could see that the farmer’s market in High School Park was hopping on this perfect fall day. The mundane task of food shopping is, for the moment, a celebration!  Check it out —–> CREEKSIDE CO-OP! There’s, also, a nice article about the opening of the co-op in Citizens’ Call.

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1 Response to Where is he going?

  1. michellesaya says:

    This was such a fun blog, Michaelann! Thank you for the tour of Creekside Co-op!

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