Radiant Radishes

I put out a plate of these when J’s son and daughter-in-law came over for dinner…

“Oh, lovely! Gnarly, rooty things for dinner!” you, sarcastically, exclaim.



and YA-HOO!

I thought I’d put the pretty slices out for a centerpiece. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect them to actually get eaten. Who eats radishes? Challenging my meager valuation of winter radishes, our guests ate them all up. I’ve never been a big radish person but am finding that these are quite satisfying! I bought the seed a couple of years ago and, finally, planted them this fall. The package says they are sometimes called, “Watermelon Radish.”

They are a little spicy with really good flavor. They seems to be getting sweeter as it gets colder. I will, definitely, plant these, again, next year.

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