Help Save Beekeeping in Plymouth Township!

I am, very heavily, using Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) website’s “Call to Action for the following information. Go to the above link for more details, for MCBA contacts, and for updates.

Background: There is a proposed ordinance for Plymouth Township which would restrict 90% of the households in the township from keeping bees. MCBA members are working together to amend this ordinance.

  • Action 1. We need everyone to start contacting residents of Plymouth Township. Ask them to write to this list of people in support of beekeeping. Everyone can write letters, however, it would be helpful to show the town council that beekeepers have the support of the residents. Form letters are not recommended. Charles Breinig has written an article on Zoning Ordinances, Gardens and Honey Bees which can be used for information when writing letters. Here is the article.

Deadlines: The first decisions will be made by Jon Lesher at the Montgomery County Planning Commission in private meetings.  His recommendations will be forwarded to the Plymouth Township Planning Agency.  All letters written to the Plymouth Township Planning Agency members should arrive no later than July 20th to allow the members to receive all mail. Get your letters to the five Plymouth Township Council members well in advance of their August 13th meeting.

  • Action 4. Residents of Plymouth Township, Attend a meeting! The ordinance goes before the Plymouth Township Planning Agency for a decision on August 1st, 7:00 pm at the Plymouth Township Municipal Building: 700 Belvoir Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.  The final decision will be made by the five Plymouth Township Council Members on August 13th at 7:30pm at the Township Municipal Building at 700 Belvoir Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.
  • Action 5. Educate! People need to know the facts about bees, their behaviors, and their benefits. Too many people are being motivated by unfounded fears. Volunteer! The Plymouth Whole Foods Store is in support of beekeeping and we will be setting up an education booth there this weekend, July 14 and 15th. Volunteers are needed to staff the table. Contact Eli Glick ( if you can spare a couple hours to talk to people about beekeeping.

Okay..Here’s your honeybee! Now, get busy!



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4 Responses to Help Save Beekeeping in Plymouth Township!

  1. michellesaya says:

    Michaelann! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of nature with us… And for keeping people aware of how nature and bees are in danger! Thank you very much…. Let’s spread the word!

  2. michellesaya says:

    Reblogged this on My Ponder Tree and commented:
    Please read Michaelann Velicky’s article! Beekeeping may not be allowed anymore!? “Plymouth Township Beekeepers are in need of your help! Please share the following post with your friends and any Plymouth township resident that you know. Thank you!”

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