Do you see it?

Let me help you….


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4 Responses to Do you see it?

  1. Scargosun says:

    I was way too overtaken with the gorgeous detail of the Queen Anne’s Lace to notice. 😉

    • micvel says:

      I’ve always been attracted to Queen Anne’s Lace too! I was afraid of planting it because it is considered invasive so I planted an annual called Ammi as a substitute. It looks a bit similar. Then, this Queen Anne’s Lace showed up in our garden all on its own. I like it there! I’ll be posting something about the Ammi flower soon.

  2. elaine r. says:

    what’s the benefit of this bug??

    • micvel says:

      First, beauty! Second, the adult moth is a pollinator. Thirdly, the larvae feed, primarily, on the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)…hence, its name. “Beneficial” is relative, isn’t it? In PA, the Tree of Heaven is considered to be invasive and efforts are being made to minimize the effect of their crowding out our native species. The Ailanthus Webmoth may assist a little in that overall effort.

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