Ahhhh! This garden is just right!

This morning, I was nosing around outside as I often do. I was wondering if the gardens were too heavy with herbs and insectary and nectary plants, if there were too many gooseberries and alpine strawberries, if there was too much disorder. Was I utilizing the space in the best way? I scanned the front garden of yarrow and mint and sage and lavender. My gaze hesitated at the New England Aster; took in its lanky, sprawling habit and, then, stopped.  I was able to discern that a large dragonfly (approximately 5″ long) had camouflaged itself along the line of the plant stem. I ran to get J and my camera!

(click on photo for larger image)

I recognized it as some sort of dragonfly but that is as far as I could go with its identification. I started to search the internet. Is this a Green Striped Darner or is it a Canada Darner or something different? Do you know? I will keep searching. I’m very pleased that this dragonfly found my garden to be not too tidy, not too untidy, but just right!

UPDATE: Our family friend, Justin, helping to identify this beauty; suggested Swamp Darner. It is a good and probable match. The good news: They eat mosquitoes!

Thank you, Justin!

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4 Responses to Ahhhh! This garden is just right!

  1. Meei Ling Ng says:

    LOVE the dragonfly, glad to see it at your garden!

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  3. michellesaya says:

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Soooo awesome…. Beautiful and helpful!!!!!

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