In permaculture design there is a principle that is referred to as “Stacking Functions.” When considering which elements to introduce into a system; we lean toward those elements which provide not only one function to the system but toward those which can provide for several needs of the system. For example: Second year bunching onions serve to provide mature onions to eat in the early spring. Later on, in the summer, they provide seed for planting. The green seeds provide an enthusiastic onion flavor-punch for foragers and passers-by. The flowers attract hoverflies and other beneficial insects to the garden. The fascinating architecture of second year bunching onions provides focus for welcomed curiosity from neighbors. Last but not least, in the following demonstration; you will see that second year bunching onions provide equipment for recreational activity…or, more accurately, weaponry.

The Duel

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Onions are for Lovers

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1 Response to Duel!

  1. Meei Ling Ng says:

    LOL!!! LOVE IT! The veggies and sunflowers are growing so big now! Cheers to nature!

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