Bees and Lace

I haven’t been seeing many honeybees on our flowers.  I think they have been spending most of their time up in the trees. However, this morning, they came down from the treetops for a good thing! The lacy phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) was buzzing with honeybees. There were hover flies and bumblebees and wasps and other pollinators there too.  I read that this plant was very good for attracting beneficial insects and butterflies and has been used by farmers as a cover crop and green manure. I planted the lacy phacelia in between my garlic and next to the beets as an experiment. These tall purple blooms are so full of life! I had dozens and dozens of opportunities to take portraits with my camera so that I could get a few right.

UPDATE: The lacy phacelia is still blooming but only near the beet patch. After a rainstorm, soon after this original post; the flowers flopped all over the garlic and I had to cut them down so as not to permanently damage the garlic. I love this plant. It is a magnet for beneficial insects. I will not use them for interplanting however. That was a mistake. I will plant them again next year in its own bed. I can see using this plant for early season and summer, dropping it down for mulch, and then planting a fall crop. That is what I’d like to try next year.

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3 Responses to Bees and Lace

  1. Cecilua Liss says:

    Beautiful! These are great photos.

  2. Meei Ling Ng says:

    Amazing shot! Michaelann, you are an artist at heart!

    • micvel says:

      Thank you, Meei Ling! Luck and nature playing a very large part…add in close to a hundred digital shots and Voila! : )

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