How to rock

We’ve been preparing for the rain garden permablitz scheduled for this Sunday.

Looks pretty good, right?

In truth, it hasn’t been all sweetness and chillin’. I got a little shaky when we started rockin’!

“Thank you!” to Bill Mettler for his encouragement and great energy just when I needed it. I hit an unrelenting mess of buried rock as I worked to prepare the site. I considered finding a way to back out of this crazy project. But…How do you that when you have one ugly half dug crater in the backyard and a tour coming through in a week and a half? Bill didn’t worry on this sort of question for a second.  He just started keeping time with that pick axe as he lit into some full-of-heart storytelling.  I listened to stories of his mother who sparkled and of his father who romanced her.  I learned the secret of keeping the work at your back so to face your accomplishments (works really well in a muddy crater!) Before I knew it, I was recharged and the vision of this rain garden sharpened. Now, That’s the way to rock!

So, bring it on! I will post a follow up with information about storm water management in general and rain gardens in particular. I’ll include pictures and a list of resources as well. Let me know if you want to visit us in Elkins Park this Sunday to learn about these issues and to help complete a backyard rain garden.

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