Good morning!

Not 9:00 a.m. yet.

Nice warm damp morning. Poking around here and there, outside and inside; a little potting up, a little nosing around (Lilacs!)

As I was putting the compost out in our bin near the chicken coop; I saw little Kayla under the trees. She was examining some plant-life suspended magically over her head…ahhhh…that’s it…the magic of spiderwebs!

“Good morning!”

“Did they lay any eggs today?”

“I don’t know, it’s a little early…wanna check?”


I opened the door to the coop and invited her to go inside. “Look in the nest boxes over there.”

“Ooooh..there’s a white one!”

“Go ahead and take it out. Is it still warm?”

“Yeah! It’s warm!”

“Do you want to take it home?”


“OK…I have to go in now (yes…I’ve got an egg on the stove). I’ll see you later!”

She ran off, holding the little blue-ish egg tight in her hand…

“Mom!!!!  M-o-o-o-om-m-mmm!!”

Is there anything better than this?


Heading back to the house, I see our littlest Easter-egger hen. “Good job, chicken! Thank you!”

AND here are some apple blossoms.

: )

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2 Responses to Good morning!

  1. mtairygal says:

    Can I ask how old is Kayla?

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