We picked up our four young hens from Marie last night. I found out about Marie Crawford on the COOP forum (CHICKEN OWNERS OUTSIDE and in PHILADELPHIA). She is downsizing her flock and spreading the joy! Marie, also, sells organic feed that she mixes herself.

We tucked the ladies into their coop and they settled, contently, onto their roosts. In the morning, I sent them up the ramp and out into the run to eat, drink, and check out their new digs. Then, with a short lesson; they learned that they can go back into the coop whenever they wanted. I found our little Easter Egger all snuggled into one of the milk crate nest boxes. I thought that the dog had frightened her and she was trying to chill out.

As I was working outside, I heard her announce….

So, I ran into the coop to check…and sure enough….

Lovely domes!

This is our Columbian Wyandotte…

..and our Black Australorp Copper Maran mix. She was up to something too!

Dave gets this one for all of his help and for being an all around…good egg!

Introducing our Golden Laced Wyandotte…

to complete our beautiful AND productive flock!

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2 Responses to Cluck!

  1. mtairygal says:

    Yay! You finally got them! They look so well adjusted already…and J looks simply amazed.

  2. They look very happy!

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