Water Run

Should I create a more efficient water solution at the community garden? or Should I continue to take these short and sunny bike trips? Both? Hmmmm..



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2 Responses to Water Run

  1. mtairygal says:

    how do other gardeners water? is there space for rain barrels? downspouts nearby?

    • micvel says:

      It appears that most are using open topped barrels and that will, probably, be the most straightforward way to go. Downspouts are a bit far to be practical. I can imagine a couple of multi-rainbarrel depots (like they had at MEEP) with tarp roofs to catch rain. Meanwhile, I’m trying to put a lot of organic material back into the soil to help the water holding capacity. The soil, generally, looks burned out with evidence of repeated tilling and use of chemical fertilizers. I may be able to get by with soil building, low demand plants, and bottle waterings during germination and droughty times. I intend to start keeping my eyes peeled for a barrel though. Hoping for a little rain tonight 🙂

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