Garlic meet Sun

Today, I pulled away the thick blanket of straw mulch to frame our bright green garlic shoots with sifted compost. The dark soil can, now, absorb the warmth of the sun.

We’re growing a couple of hardneck varieties from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  I have been very happy with the quality of their open pollinated seeds and am thrilled that their seed garlic came through for me, too! I have a  few Purple Stripes and some unknowns from last year’s garlic  in the row as well. It appears that each and every clove that I planted came up…nearly 70.  I like the scapes and the flavor of the hardnecks but find that they don’t store very well.  Of course, I may need to refine my methods. In the fall, I want to plant a few softneck garlic to see how I like them. I have read that they are better for storing. It would be good to know.

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1 Response to Garlic meet Sun

  1. mtairygal says:

    mine have been coming up as well, though not in as beautiful a row as yours. am planning on cooking with some trimmed greens soon, like i did in the fall.

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