Planting Art at Elkins Park Front Yard Farm!

I have been waiting for this rainy day so that I can stay inside and make myself sit at this computer. I want to tell you about some special seeds that have been planted and are being nurtured to bloom in the gardens this May!

I, first, met Meei-Ling Ng (her Facebook page) two years ago when she started the Streamside Farm at the Elkins Estate.  Her market farm was close to my home and I took the opportunity to spend some time with her. She got an extra pair of working hands and I got to pick her organic gardening brain.  Good for us! I soon discovered that, not only does she have a passion for nature and gardening, but she is an artist. I was thrilled to join forces with her when she asked if I could provide the setting for her “Deep Roots” installation that she envisioned for the Turtle Artisans Tour (their Facebook page). The mission of the Tour is to “encourage community support for the arts and to deepen awareness and appreciation for the talent that abounds in Cheltenham and the surrounding area.”

As I learn about gardening and permaculture, my eyes become more and more open to recognizing important and exquisite relationships in the natural world. Human beings are, fully, part of this world; sharing countless beneficial connections with each other and with  nature.  As Meei-Ling and I collaborate; we have the joyful opportunity to explore and celebrate  relationships in art, nature, and community. I am fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community and to have been invited to connect in this way.

Their are several ways that you can connect to this community building event, too!

1)  Visit the work and studios of select artists during the free, self-guided tour through Cheltenham Township.

2) Become a Participating Artist. (You don’t have to live in Cheltenham Township to participate.)

3) Become a Sponsor.

4) Become a Volunteer.

Save the date! I look forward to seeing you!

Click on the photo for a larger view. You can, also, find the details, inspiration, and intent of Meei-Ling’s “Deep Roots” installation here.

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