Denise Shardlow Designs – Elkins Park

It is wonderful when you can obtain what you need AND support a local business AND get a community discount at the same time. I needed a dress and Denise Shardlow Designs of Elkins Park makes them. Beyond the obvious features of this small local business: beauty, warmth, personal attention, and convenience; this design studio strongly resonates with a vision of building resilience in the local community and its economy.  Denise demonstrates honest movement in an evolution toward simple and sustainable life/work through elegant design. Her work in locating and using more sustainable materials such as bamboo fabric for her clothing line is just one outstanding example.

Let me show and tell you more about my personal experience with Denise Shardlow Designs.

Though the business comes to me complete with online purchasing power; I was interested in real-life hand-holding for this “get dressed up” decision. I am an alien in the world of department stores and shopping malls and avoid them like the plague.  I’m pretty content to stick with my work boots and jeans…but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Thankfully, when I walked into Denise’s home studio, I felt like I was visiting a friend.

Maybe it happened during the Hindu story of monkeys and mangoes that Denise recollected as we basked in the radiance of this bamboo fabric…

Maybe it was during the loving introduction to “Beastie,” the durable workhorse that Denise, recently, obtained from a retired seamstress…

Maybe it happened as I gawked at luxurious fabrics and materials that seemed to be everywhere at hands’ and eyes’ reach…

Maybe it was while we talked about tools and methods of the trade and the traditions which were passed down from our elders…

Maybe it was under the influence of the relaxed, happy awesome pet carpeting the floor…

…but painlessly, effortlessly; there appeared this gorgeous get-up. The handkerchief skirt and the origami top was designed to be twisted, knotted, and draped in so many different ways, it made my head spin. We laughed as I suggested gathering the front of the skirt up to double as a harvest basket this summer….I was serious.

These clothes feel really, really good!  See you later….

Mark your calendar. Denise Shardlow Design studio will be participating in the Turtle Artisan’s Tour scheduled for May 5th and 6th, 2012. Make sure you stop by and take the opportunity to visit the local artisans of Cheltenham township.

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5 Responses to Denise Shardlow Designs – Elkins Park

  1. mtairygal says:

    Wow! You’re full of surprises! Great photos and lead up to your decision. Warmly, Meenal

  2. I’m very careful when I introduce the mango color. I do not want to sway the client one way or the other.
    Orange is my favorite color, so I always feel I’m being a bit biased, but it looks so good on Michaelann.

  3. Amy Ragsdale says:

    Fabulous blog posting… it flows like the bamboo it describes. I want to see more images! A lovely tease.

  4. Cecilia Liss says:

    The fabrics look luscious! Can’t wait to see the dress in person.

  5. Meei Ling Ng says:

    Love what you both Denise and Michaelann are doing! Amazing!

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