Playing Outside

My daughter, Hannah came to visit. We shared a fantastically wonderful and productive weekend.  My top priority was to get my first pair of homemade socks finished so that Hannah could model them and take them home. We nailed that one! I think another call-out to The Stitching Room in Elkins Park is appropriate here. Lessons and yarn right in my neighborhood…Yes!

But we didn’t sit there congratulating ourselves over a round of cappuccinos, Did we? Nope! We got dolled up and blasted through an exciting list of projects!

We started with flagging where the chicken run was going to be installed. The tool shed will be transformed into the coop. We moved the compost and the bin as well as the rain barrel so that construction could begin as soon as we get the materials.

Then, we moved on to the ditch digging. Well, mostly, Hannah did ditch digging. OK. Hannah did ALL of the digging.  The glorious ditch was for laying conduit from the house to the garage so that we can supply electricity to the garage/workshop. Meanwhile, I rescued and transplanted the roman chamomile that was in the path of this brute:

Just kidding, Hannie!

While Hannah was fiddlin’ around with that; I started planning the installation of a rainwater catchment system which is to include a frog pond. I sure would love to see frogs back here! Frogs would eat slugs which like to eat the food that I grow. Ultimately, frogs may attract the snakes to visit for dinner which just might peek the interest of hawks. Nice little foodchain! We tried out my bunyip level for this project. Knowing that water flows DOWN; it was my job to verify where down was. We aren’t interested in building a swamp.  After flagging the line of this project; I moved on to one of my favorite activities; pruning the fruit trees.

Hannah finished her work and climbed out of that ditch. Fed with pie, espresso, hugs and kisses; she was off to Baltimore. J and I put the conduit down, refilled the ditch, and replaced the slab of concrete that we had had to move for the conduit to go under the sidewalk. After a little tidying up, we were back inside a warm house with big dreams for tomorrow’s work.

Playing outside is so much fun…especially, with Hannah and J around!!

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2 Responses to Playing Outside

  1. mtairygal says:

    I enjoyed vicariously spending the weekend with you. Next time, rope me into ditch digging.. I do that quite well!

    • micvel says:

      If the pond plan is looking good and the timing is right…maybe a frog pond/rainwater catch permablitz?
      What do you think?

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