I’ve been readying for an early planting season. A couple of pawpaws, black currants, dwarf sour cherries, and an additional elderberry have been ordered and will be planted in April. The seed list is, nearly, complete. I’m, admittedly, overwhelmed with tomato variety decisions!  We’re in the process of building cold frames. It will be good to start some of the seeds outside, freeing our living room up for…other seeds. Extra early home-grown vegetables…also, good! I plan on posting about how we are preparing our cold frames but am committed to completing them first!

Here is what I really want to show you:

A few weeks back, Meenal shared the delicious taste and the seeds from a gorgeous Meyer lemon, grown by Lisa Evans in her Philadelphia apartment. I, already, have what I thought was a Meyer lemon. It is a healthy container plant. It gives fragrant blossoms and teases us with little green fruit that fall off. If we happen to get larger fruit; they stay green. Lovely plant lacking lemons. So, with Lisa’s seeds and some potting mix, moisture and warmth; I have 5 lively seedlings..maybe more to come. I know it is likely that the seeds will not grow true since Meyer is a hybrid but, still, very awesome to see these young sprouts! Who knows…maybe in a decade or so…lemons?

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