Not Nothing

I am grateful that we were able to enjoy spending time and sharing with wonderful friends and family during Thanksgiving. And, my-oh-my, there, certainly, was a lot of leftovers!  I sure am ready for a more comfortable dietary balance. I considered the gardens, pretty much, put to bed but wandered out into the yard anyway. This action is comparable to opening up the refrigerator door…just looking, staring, wishing, against odds…maybe something hiding behind the gosh darn cranberry sauce?  Well…Sometimes, I am very very fortunate. Today, right in my front yard, I found not nothing but just the right stuff!

First, I remembered the small cabbages of strength that withstood, not only, the army of slugs that came in on the late summer rains but the hungry caterpillars as well.

Next, to the rutabaga patch.

Into the basket!

And on to some leftover leeks in our raised bed.

A couple of steps to the wash station/rainbarrel which is next to the compost. Dirt and trimmings and caterpillar manure right back to the soil!

Yay! Thanksgiving is happening, Again!

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