The Tale of the Food Action Group

I want to send you to Meenal’s post on the Food Action Group website, though, I will reiterate a good piece of it here. Time has a way of creating history and the Food Action Group is growing a very lovely tail (tale?)! It is in the midst of exciting change and has been, further, energized by the Occupy Philadelphia and the, larger, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together actions. Yeah, yeah..and it looks forward to a wonderful, abundant future, too….all of that! To be clear, this enthusiastic bunch has cut the cord from Transition Cheltenham. No tears though! We continue to voice and act in support of the shared aims of the Transition Movement. We have teamed up with Transition Philadelphia to form a regional Transition effort. This seems to be a really fine fit for us in terms of its organizational processes and focus! We will continue our food actions while widening our view to other actions of transition (economy, zero waste, alternative energy, health, arts, transportation, education, etc.) Currently, we share stories and ideas with Occupy Philadelphia supporters as our presence at Occupy Philadelphia grows. We have an outreach table on-site. Collaborations related to food sovereignty and sustainable infrastructure and local economy are in process. We will try our best to keep you up to date with our work. I will not post, regularly, on these topics on this site. Instead, I will point you to the Food Action blog and the Transition Philadelphia website for now. I expect that the two will, eventually, merge.

…to be continued

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1 Response to The Tale of the Food Action Group

  1. Cecilia Liss says:

    This is very exciting. My best wishes goes out to all your efforts

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