in this handful of castings…worms, warren, and wall street

I have two active worm bins.

Our waste

goes to them worms. They eat and excrete and wiggle and mate and populate. When exposed to light, the worms dive down and I can remove the top layer of fertile castings without removing too many of the worms.

I harvested the castings, divided the squiggly mass of red wrigglers into two bins, tucked them in with shredded newspaper bedding and fed them our vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. Then, I turned out the lights…they have their lives to live.

This dark rich dynamic mass of fertility went to my pears, blackberries, and blueberries; and they will thrive.

So, Do that.

And when you get your first handful of worm castings, look very closely. Look at all that stuff going on in there! Color, movement, diversity…life! This is no Miracle-Gro that I’ve ever seen! Show your friends, show your family! And, then, share it with the soil around your plants.

My thoughts went from the handful of castings, first, to a beautiful, heartfelt video I saw with Warren Brush, a storyteller and permaculture teacher. It has stayed with me and inspires me to be aware of and value the critical qualities that are inherent in the natural cycles and diversity of life.

And, then, my thoughts went to our communities and the Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Philadelphia, etc.) efforts. This movement is charged by the energy of our children, the stories of our friends, families, and neighbors; and the passions of our elders. There are many who struggle with the movement’s lack of focus, party affiliation, a single defining message, a list of demands. I applaud the insistence of the movement to stay open to a great range of ideas, visions, and experiences. This is what will create the fertile soil for genuine growth and change. Don’t be in a hurry. Encourage that life. This particular soil needs to be teeming with life. All kinds. Literally and metaphorically; our soils are in danger. The soil is dying; drying up and blowing away because it has been mistreated. We need good soil or we cannot survive.

So, an important message to us 99%

Prevent Erosion. Build Soil.

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One Response to in this handful of castings…worms, warren, and wall street

  1. mtairygal says:

    Well-written! That’s exactly why I like compost piles and our City Hall plaza; just teeming with life and endless possibilities..

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