Permaculture Slide Show

I’m working on an “in the background” running slide presentation that gives a hint as to the nature of permaculture and edible landscaping. I’m hoping it will help to inspire others to make positive changes in their own landscapes. Let me know what you think. Several of the slides are from work with the Food Action Group. This group works to bring permaculture principles to life and community and I value our work together very much.

WARNING: The powerpoint and pdf files are large. It will take some time to download….good time for a stretch and bathroom break…

Here is the file if you have Microsoft Powerpoint. You, probably, can get it to load to Open Office Impress but might have to do a little dance or something.                          Permaculture and Edible Landscape Design Presentation

If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint; here is a pdf file:                                                   PDF Permaculture and edible landscape design presentation

It is 01/2012 and here is the latest version we are using in some of our presentations relative to transition initiatives in our community.

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