A couple of days ago I made a belated visit to IMBY at Misty Hollow to see my good friends, Jim and Sally Hammerman. The Hammerman’s run their household, CSA, and educational center on two acres in Westtown, PA. They have a website as well as an IMBY facebook page. I always learn a few new things from Jim and Sally when I visit; whether it is about organic gardening, community, health, cooking, soil, or sustainable living. The beauty and diversity that I see at the farm gives me inspiration with every visit.

IMBY is planning their 3rd annual Gaze and Graze Family Fun Day Event on October 15th. Click here to check out the event. Lots of fun, interesting people to meet, and a great cause!

Meanwhile, here are some images of their farm. They don’t do the place justice but might give you a little idea of all that goes on at the farm in September.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Thats the way it’s done. Mahalo,Dohn

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