Today, my shipment of blackberries, pears, juneberry, and strawberries came in from Edible Landscaping which is located in Virginia.  I’d like to tell you about my positive experience with this company.

It is September and I wanted to get some plants in the ground by mid-month. It’s a tricky time to obtain good plants. Plant selection is reduced. Shipping options are less flexible. Some places only ship in spring. I, also, had concern about the quality of the plants that I might receive. Having heard good things about Edible Landscaping, I decided to put in an order. I received an email, soon after ordering, which gave an expected delivery date. I emailed back to request an earlier delivery date than that which was quoted. I hoped to get these plants in for the tour (Pennypack Garden and Farm Tour). Once again, I received a speedy email  response. I, also, received the all important, “Sure, no problem.” Yesterday, I received an email with tracking information, letting me know that the packages would be here today. Sure enough, this morning, I got to open up presents! Everything was packed with fortress-like security. Well done! All plants were whole and intact. I am happy with these plants and expect them to thrive! It’s great that I will get to show these off during the Pennypack tour this Sunday. This company will be added to my “A” list. I appreciate the obvious care that went into this operation…thanks Edible Landscaping!

You will see pictures of two dwarf/semi-dwarf pear trees. I am establishing a pear tree guild on the north side of the front yard mandala garden. I will post a schematic and plant information about this guild…coming soon!

If you wish to view a larger picture, click on the image.

Regent Juneberry

Arapaho and Apache Thornless Blackberries
Arapaho and Apache Thornless Blackberries

Blackberries in the Bed

Seckel Pear

Dwarf Potomac Pear

Christina Native White Strawberry

Potomac with Comfrey and Strawberries

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