Pennypack Farm and Garden Tour

I just want to remind you about the Pennypack Garden and Farm Tour on September 18th. (Click on link for more information.) Please, come out and support Pennypack Farm and Education Center, a fantastic organization. I’m sure you will have a great time, get inspiring ideas, and meet some interesting people. I am really honored to have our Elkins Park “Farm” on the tour. I’m readying my gardens and my designs so that visitors can enjoy and get a sense of what we are trying to do with this suburban landscape. In a nutshell, we use permaculture, edible forest gardening, and organic gardening techniques. We are, particularly, interested in exploring ecological relationships toward developing a resilient, sustainable, and productive system. I’ll be sure to have my notebook in hand on tour day. In my experience, people who attend these things have a lot of knowledge and I know I’ll be picking some brains!

Be There!

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