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I’m a gardener, not a culinary artist by any stretch of the imagination. But look at this! I just went out this morning, picked vegetables from the yard, and made this salad…like putting together a bouquet of flowers. I love that! Aside from the obvious simplicity of it all; I have some details to share about these vegetables.I remember hearing my sister stating how much she enjoyed kohlrabi and I thought I’d try to grow some this year. I had never tasted it before. I grew Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi from seeds that I ordered from Heirloom Seeds. Importantly, Hannah helped me figure out what to do with it once it was all grown up. Initially, I roasted it but the dish didn’t warrant a repeat. Hannah decided to cut the raw kohlrabi and marinate it in rice vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper. Nothing more. It was delicious after just a few hours resting in the fridge. It’s been fun to share my harvest with neighbors who are, also, new to this “alien” vegetable. I expect to be putting in a fall crop so I can go another great round with kohlrabi.  I took Hannah’s recipe on and began adding things as they came in from the garden. I added Crimson Forest Bunching Onion (Baker Heirloom Seeds), nasturtiums, and basil. I added Uzbekski Cucumber, also, from Baker Seeds. It gets nice yellow green brown ugly when it is ripe. I don’t love cucumbers so didn’t expect much from these. I was surprised at how fantastic they tasted. I’m proud of this find and will be growing it again! The tomato that came in from the garden is “Besser,” grown from seed that I saved last year. Not cherry and not a slicer and not a plum; golf ball sized. They are heirloom, indeterminate, and have grown way over my head in their viney way. I live with three men who are not, particularly, drawn to vegetables. My dog eats more vegetables than these guys! What a warm feeling I got when I saw that the Besser tomato I left on the counter became someone’s midnight snack!

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